As you approach your 65th birthday, you are inundated with advertisements in the mail (as well as excessive phone calls) regarding your ability to enroll in various kinds of Medicare insurance plans. Stacks of mail pile up, and instead of being emboldened by all your choices, you become more confused.

What should you do?

You ask family members, friends and coworkers for their opinion…but you find out they are equally confused. Then you search online for information but are shocked by the number of rabbit holes you can go down in your quest for knowledge. Additionally, some of the information online is simply incorrect.

How can you get the information you need and trust?

In many ways, Medicare is much different from what you’ve been used to all your life. We help get you in the right mindset, so you can clear your mind of the distractions and confidently make the Medicare plan selections that are beneficial to you. Additionally, we alert you about some of the pitfalls and mistakes that are commonly made. We help you navigate the inner-workings of Medicare and supplemental insurance coverage.

We will be right by your side along the way…initially and in the future. This is not a relationship that ends after selecting your insurance coverage. We are here to help as your situation changes and as the insurance plans change. Because as you know, things never do stay the same with insurance!

There is no cost to work with Medicare Mindset. There is no cost to pick our brain. If you simply have some questions, give us a call, send us an email, or contact us through social media.

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