How To: Access Your Medicare Claim Number Online

First thing’s first: what is a Medicare Claim Number? Your Medicare Claim Number is the mix of letters and numbers on the front of your Medicare card.  If you have Original Medicare, you use this card to file all Part A and Part B claims.  

But over the years, I’ve known plenty of people who misplace their Medicare card. But don’t stress: you can still quickly and easily access your Medicare Claim Number to show proof of coverage. 

You can access your Medicare Claim # very easily via your My Social Security online account at or  If you haven’t created an account yet, please do this first.

Once you are logged in, you’ll want to focus on the Benefits & Payments section, as seen in the image below: 

For a more detailed guide on how to navigate the website, click the video link below: 

Visit our YouTube Channel for step-by-step instructions.

When you click the link that says “Get a Benefit Verification Letter,” a new window will open.  This new window is a letter summarizing the benefits you received from the federal government.  It will show your Social Security benefit information, as well as your Medicare Part A & Part B start dates and Medicare Number (also known as the Medicare Claim Number). You can print the letter or even save it as a PDF document for easy access anytime without having to go online. 

In our next post (How to Get a Replacement Medicare Card Online), we show you how to get a copy of your Medicare card online.  You can also view our YouTube video associated with the post HERE.

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